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As of August 1st, 2022 Hands On Healing will no longer offer Acupuncture at this location! To visit Laura Aoki you can book with her at her new location in Austin. Blue Tree Acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back more than 2,000 years ago. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest forms of health care that is still used today. Although the techniques have been updated and advanced the foundation of treating the body as a whole remains the same. Since TCM focuses on the whole body and gets to the root cause, treatments can help with multiple symptoms at the same time. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) mainly utilizes acupuncture and herbal remedies. The goal is to eliminate imbalances, particularly of Qi, blood, yin, and yang. Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used for preventative care and there are rarely, if ever, minimal side effects from treatments.

I love the facial acupuncture anti-aging plus holistic for the whole body. Laura rocks!

The acupuncturist was very kind and listened to all of my concerns and walked me through the whole process.

Acupuncture Services

Initial Acupuncture Session $90

This initial treatment introduces you to acupuncture while giving you a full treatment.  You’ll learn about acupuncture as we talk about how it works and what your treatment plan is going to be.  The longer session also allows for the history of your health to be looked at more closely.  The rest of the treatment will be the same as the follow-ups.

Follow-up session $75

These sessions will begin with any changes in your condition.  Health questions will be then covered, your vitals will then be taken, and your tongue and pulse examined.  These tools will allow for an in-depth TCM diagnosis and treatment.  Once points are selected the acupuncture will begin.  You get to relax to soothing music and will be checked-on regularly.  This will last for about 25-30 minutes.  Then the needles are removed and any suggestions will be made for improving your health.  Herbs can also be recommended.  You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed after your treatment.

Facial Acupuncture $90

This treatment is an extension of traditional acupuncture. Facial acupuncture can help restore balance, helping the skin look younger, smoother, and healthier. The service involves facial cupping with our organic Stone Crop Cleansing Oil, Organic Gel Mask with Facial needles under the LED panel, and GuaSha facial Massage with Jade Stones and Roller, Plus you leave with Sun Protection. For best results weekly sessions are recommended.



*New Service: Community Acupuncture

Approximately 60 minutes (exact length depends on personalized treatment plan) – $35

This acupuncture treatment is given in an open setting and is available for return patients:

  • stress relief
  • insomnia
  • weight loss
  • tobacco cessation
  • or a combination of the four

This is by appointment only. Initial private acupuncture treatment is required before receiving community acupuncture. This is to ensure you achieve the best results.  It’s just like a regular acupuncture treatment except that there will be other people being treated in the same room and the points used will be on the arms, legs, and head only; so wear comfortable clothing that can expose arms and legs.

This is great for groups as well as individuals because we can accommodate up to three patients at a time.  Treatments are staggered and provided first come first served.  For the shortest wait time, follow the suggested arrival time that will be e-mailed (or text if your email is not listed) to you shortly after you book an appointment.  This suggested arrival time will be anytime between the listed start time to 30 minutes after. So for example, if you sign up for a 1-2 pm spot and your recommended time isn’t till 1:30 your treatment will be from about 1:30-2:30. You can request a specific start time in the notes section or just come in early, but keep in mind the exact time will be determined on availability.  Please let us know in the notes section if you are coming in a group, and be aware that you will be seated together at the same time but treatments will start a few minutes apart as we have one acupuncturist.

Cupping Session*

30 minute session- $45

15 minute add-on session – $25

Cupping uses negative pressure in which a suction cup creates a vacuum over the skin. This pulls up on the underlying muscles and tissues.  These cupping treatments are great for those stressed out muscles and any condition where there is a blockage.  That means it can help with things like localized pain, fibromyalgia, poor circulation, poor skin texture, and stress.  Cupping can also be used to activate the lymphatic system to detoxify the body.  This session will leave you feeling very relaxed.

Note: Cupping may redden skin after treatment but this will go away.

* Cupping not appropriate for those who are pregnant, have skin infections, high fever, severe edema, hemorrhagic diseases, convulsions, ascites, or other severe diseases (i.e. cardiac failure, renal failure)

Acupuncture FAQ

Acupuncture is the method of placing ultra-thin needles at acupuncture points to promote healthy body functions.  It works by regulating the body’s Qi, or energy so that your body is in harmony.  When there is poor circulation of Qi it is like a dam in a river and everything gets backed up.  Acupuncture can also be used to promote healthy blood circulation and even regulates the yin and yang natured elements of your body.

TCM is an age perfected medical system that uses techniques of acupuncture, prescribed herbal remedies, moxibustion, breathing/energy work such as Qigong, and cupping. During a session at Hands On Healing, your acupuncture session can include all of these services. Each treatment you get is tailored to you so that you get the best results.*Herbs sold separately and we also offer herbal consultations by themselves.

There is little to no discomfort during an acupuncture session.  Those who are extra sensitive might feel no more than a slight pinch that lasts but a second, and some don’t even feel that!  A variety of needles are available and the most appropriate ones for your body type will be used.

Acupuncture is extremely safe when done by a professional. There are some acupuncture points where the needles need to be inserted in a certain way. A certified and licensed acupuncturist will know the correct way to do this. 

TCM/acupuncture can treat a wide variety of conditions.  Some of the more common treatments are for pain relief, arthritis/joint pain, insomnia, tobacco cessation, headaches, menstrual problems including infertility, unwanted weight gain, digestion problems, skin conditions (acne/psoriasis/eczema), depression/anxiety, PTSD, chemotherapy/radiation-induced side effects, and recovery from surgery. For a list from the World Health Organization go to: http://apps.who.int/medicinedocs/en/d/Js4926e/5.html

Your first session is 90 minutes to allow for extra time to gather details about your medical history and your body type.  Because acupuncture treatments are individualized this is very important.  Your vitals will be taken, your tongue and pulse examined, and any questions answered.  Once the needles are in place you will get to relax with soothing music for 25-30 minutes (you’ll be checked on periodically).  By the time the needles are removed, you’ll be feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Follow-up treatments are about 60 minutes.

Please refrain from eating and drinking 1 hour before treatment and avoid heavy eating until 45 minutes after the treatment.  Be aware that your tongue will be examined during the appointment as a diagnosis technique, so if possible avoid foods/drinks that stain your mouth before the treatment.  Wear comfortable/loose clothing preferably with pants that can be rolled up past the knees (gowns are available too) and shoes that can be taken off easily.   You can save time by printing off and filling out your intake forms before you come in.  If you want to fill out forms here please arrive at least 15 minutes early. 

Every treatment is tailored to the individual to achieve maximum results.  How many treatments you will need depends on how your body responds to acupuncture.  The longer you have had a problem the longer it will take to treat.  The best results are typically seen after 6-10 treatments; however, patients can start seeing results as early as the first treatment.

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