Cedar Fever Tips

Only a week into cedar season, cedar pollen counts reached the second highest level in record history – 21,952 grains/cubic meter. Since then, cedar counts have been high to very high daily leaving thousands of Austinites living in state of constant misery. Here are five easy things Austin acupuncturist and co-founder of Herbalogic®, David Jones, says you can do right now to provide some relief.

1.    Change your air filters. You’d be surprised how much pollen can actually seep into your house/apartment or car through your air vent. Change your air filters at least once a month to ensure you are breathing in the cleanest air.

2.    Wipe your feet. Before you walk into your home, be sure to wipe down your shoes, jackets and even your hair – just because you can’t see the pollen doesn’t mean it’s not there. Most importantly, don’t forget to wipe down your pets. If you can, leave your shoes and coat outside to better prevent bringing pollen grains into your home.

3.    Take lots of showers. Make it a habit to shower immediately after spending time outdoors. A hot shower can provide some sinus relief while getting rid of any pollen on your body or in your hair.

4.    Clean your house. Clean your house (or have it professionally cleaned) at least once a week. Helpful tip: if you’ve been hit with cedar fever, get someone else to do the vacuuming. The dust can irritate your nose, which can be a nightmare if you’re already suffering.

5.    Become an herb nerd. If you prefer natural products, start taking Easy Breather™ every day. Take one to two 500 mg capsules of Herbalogic’s Easy Breather a couple of times a day and supplement with herb drops as needed. You should feel instant relief.

January through March in Austin has some of the best weather in the country. Try these five things, so you can get out there and enjoy it.


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