Please text 512-967-8675 for more information. It is connected to our online bot to assist us & can book appointments.

Hands On Healing Spa & Boutique is open and taking appointments. You can book online or by calling the office. 512-796-6399

Please call the office before you come by to be sure we are open.

You can book all of our services at this time Fax: 512-262-7885

What to expect? Temperature will be taken upon entry!

At this time our lobby is open for shopping, we will limit guests if it becomes to busy. You can come into the lobby for your appointment unless you see the waiting room is full then you can just text us.

It is requested that customers wear a mask upon entrance and exit by TDLR.

Many of the services we provide make it difficult for a client to wear a mask and for this reason will not be required to do so.

Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.

If you feel ill or run a temperature please cancel your appointment. If you do not show up to your appointment you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50%. If you call us to cancel because you feel ill we will waive the cancellation fee.


Please do not bring any guests with you. As we navigate this new way of keeping our doors open it is important that our patrons do their part to keep the environment safe for all our guests and staff. For this reason, if you bring a guest they will need to wait in their car. Guests will not be permitted to accompany you into the treatment room unless we are performing a service on a minor.


“My first step has been to let people know that if they are at risk and not doing grocery stores they still might want to avoid our shop. Clients can pay online but have not so far. My staff wears masks and many of our clients at the entrance and exit. We do not expect clients to wear masks during treatments but we wear them. The staff washes and sanitizes their hands constantly and we Lysol, Sani-wipe, and EPA everything between clients. Many of my protocols are the same because I have always been concerned with contagious germs,  so we always wash all the linens including the blankets between clients. Now we are even more careful to not cross-contaminate by using EPA on hot towel cabinets and all lotions & oils. The tables were already lined with hard plastic, again because of my own fears and the esthetic treatments we do. Coming in exposes you mainly to one service provider and as you know many are asymptomatic, but they know if they feel ill or discover an exposure to call in. These are unsure times. I know we are far more careful than many stores I have been to. We also have clients sign a Covid-19 form and waive the cancellation fee to encourage clients to be honest. I do not check temperatures as many carriers have no idea they are sick. I let clients in the lobby but removed upholstery chairs so we can EPA and we do not allow it to become full. There are only two chairs 6 feet apart. I am completely fine with texting clients when their service provider is ready and fully capable of payment capture through a secure text link. My hope is to provide relaxation and stay calm. Our healthy team members not considered at risk are back at work.” Leslie
Hello from all of us at Hands On Healing Spa! How are you? If you feel like answering, send me an email. I care more than you know!  First, let me apologize for not getting this email out sooner, it has been a whirlwind in our office and my staff has been wonderful in trying to get every appointment and call covered. A few calls have been missed and a few emails had a delayed response but on the whole, I have been impressed with both the kindness of clients and the dedication of my team. It is not easy to open back up after 60 days of closure. My goal remains the same to make this your Spa, a place you can come to get pampered, treated, inspired, relaxed, healed, soothed, and any other positive emotion you can think of. This means building a team that has the same goals in mind. I am working hard on this and feel driven to choose team members that are special, talented, trained, and team players so despite our current need I must take my time in this endeavor.  

In order to make this feel like your spa, I understand that it is important for you to feel safe, relaxed, normal, listened to, respected, and treated well. We do not all have the same perspective so that is why it is more important than ever before, for me to keep a place void of any actions that might make someone feel uncomfortable. I want to take a moment to explain what we are doing differently and the same so that you can make the best decision for you and know that we are here for you when you are ready.  

  • You can book online, call the office 512-796-6399, or text 512-967-8675
  • Please book in advance~ appointments are filling up
  • Please complete our Covid-19 Questionnaire before you come. If you feel sick, have been exposed to Covid-19, or have traveled to a hot spot in the last 5 days please cancel
  • Cancellation Fees are waived if you call us to cancel as early as possible for concerns about illness. 
  • Masks are worn by our staff.
  • Masks are required in the lobby but not in the service rooms as some services must be done without a mask.
  • If you are not going out, we recommend you make your health a top priority and exercise the best precautions for you
  • Safety is our top priority, there is no way to guarantee 100% safety as this virus is very contagious
  • Upholstery chairs have been removed
  • HEPA filters are in the process of being installed to each treatment room Retail is available for purchase please avoid touching products and samples, ask us for assistance
  • Retail sales are final unless there is something wrong with the product
  • Please allow us to serve you a beverage and not get it yourself.
  • Contactless pay can be done through online purchases or by texting 512-967-8675
  • Feel free to contact us with any questions you have or email
  • Come in to relax and let us know how we can help you!
  • Memberships start up again in June if you need to make changes, please email