Featured Massage Therapist: Juny

My Story
I grew up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas in a little town called Seabrook.  I enjoyed spending my Junychildhood living by the bay and close to NASA.  My Mom and Grandmother taught me to be caring, compassionate, and nurturing towards people and animals. Humanity is important to me.
Creating art has always been one of my main interests.  It brings me joy and contentment to express myself on canvas.  My latest obsession is gardening and growing my own vegetables and herbs. It’s very rewarding!
Over the past decade, I became legally blind due to a retinal eye disease.  But, I never allowed my adversity stop me from reaching my goals.  I lived in Los Angeles at the time and attended The Braille Institute in Anaheim.  I met  the most inspirational people who helped me overcome this obstacle and persevere on a new path.  I was hopeful once again.  I also learned about adaptive skills and technology to help me make the best of my existing vision.
Being visually impaired has taught me to never take things for granted and truly appreciate my life.  I learned an immense amount of patience as well.  There is no need to stress over circumstances beyond your control.  Soon, I realized I had this passion to help people feel better and destress. I found my purpose. I wanted to pass my positive energy onto others.  I decided that a career in massage therapy would be perfect for me.  I could use my hands to heal and would not have to use my eyesight as often, so I would have less eyestrain.  My choice was to focus on the abilities I had and NOT on the DISability itself…
I graduated from Texas School of Massage in Clear Lake in 2012.  I have been a practicing massage therapist in the Austin area for almost three years. I absolutely love what I do.  I enjoy doing Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal Massage, and spa therapies.  I am thrilled to be part of the Hands on Healing team!  I believe in what we stand for: healing and wellness… mind, body, and soul!
Thanks for Reading,
Juny Wendel, LMT
“Minimal stress in life is the key to longevity.”

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