Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back more than 2,000 years ago. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest forms of health care that is still used today.  Although the techniques have been updated and advanced the foundation of treating the body as a whole remains the same.  Since TCM focuses on the whole body and gets to the root cause, treatments can help with multiple symptoms at the same time.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  mainly utilizes acupuncture and herbal remedies. The goal is to eliminate imbalances, particularly of Qi, blood, yin, and yang. Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used for preventative care and there are rarely, if ever, minimal side effects from treatments.

        “I love the facial acupuncture anti-aging plus holistic for the whole body. Laura rocks!” 
        “The acupuncturist was very kind and listened to all of my concerns and walked me through the whole process.”

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  • 30 Minute Cupping Session 30 minutes $45
    Great for stress, musculoskeletal conditions, localized pain, and more. Note: Cupping may redden skin after treatment but this will go away.
    *Cupping is not appropriate for those who are pregnant, have skin infections, high fever, severe edema, hemorrhagic diseases, convulsions, ascites, or other severe conditions (i.e. cardiac failure, renal failure)
  • Initial Acupuncture Session 1 hour  $80
    First Session is 60 minutes for treatment. Every acupuncture treatment is tailored to your wellness needs. Please arrive early to complete the paperwork or do it online.
  • 90 minutes Acupuncture with cupping. Total time 1 hour 30 minutes $105. This is for first-time acupuncture clients who would also like cupping to relax their muscles.
  • Acupuncture Consultation 30 minutes $15.
    Consultation session
  • Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture 30 minutes $35.
    Tobacco cessation only. This treatment is for 30 minutes in which you will receive an acupuncture session aimed at decreasing tobacco cravings, decreasing stress, and decreasing withdrawal symptoms. This treatment also includes ear seeds. Call 512-796-6399 or email for more information and to answer any questions.
  • Follow Up Acupuncture Session 45 Minutes $70.
    Follow up session for clients who have already had their initial acupuncture session at our facility. 
  • Herbal Consultation 30 minutes $40.
    For those interested in taking herbal supplements