Therapist Spotlight: Carlos Jaco

Carlos recently joined the Hands On Healing team bringing 8 years of experience with him. Before moving to Texas he was an amateur boxer, during which time he received massages twice a week and felt the difference during training sessions and matches. From that his interest in massage therapy grew and the pursuit of becoming a clinical and sports massage therapist. His favorite part of the job is working with his clients to figure out how to make them feel normal again and learning from each experience. He enjoys all aspects of being a massage therapist and when asked didn’t have a least favorite part. His empathy is off the charts and helps him to assist clients in the healing process. Carlos specializes in clinical and sports therapy. He is married with two young children a son and daughter. His family recently bought a house in the country and made a big life style change from city life. They are excited to learn self-sufficiency by starting a little farm. He enjoys wood working and fishing during his down time.

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