Brows & Lashes

Brow Wax $25
Find your prefect eyebrow shape with our expert estheticians

Brow Trim & Tweeze $20
No waxing in this service — just trimming and tweezing of eyebrows.

Brow and Upper Lip Wax $35
Brow shaping and upper lip wax.

Classic Lash Extensions
Full Set of Classic Lashes $160

Jennifer is certified in lashes. Classic lashes are the perfect way to enhance natural lashes. With the classic technique, one individual lash is applied to one natural lash to create a set of longer and thicker lashes. Depending on the desired look, there are a variety of curls, lengths, and thicknesses to choose from.

Full Set of Classic Lashes Refill $90

Microblading Session & Touch Up ~ $595

*Initial session & touch up session must be purchased together*

The technique we perform is a process called microblading. It’s more superficial than tattooing; the strokes of pigment we implant imitate eyebrow hairs, appearing crisp and extremely fine, perfectly mimicking real hair.

Brow Tint $20
Define your brows for 3-6 weeks with some color!

Eyelash Tint $20
Add some color to your eyelashes for 3-6 weeks

Lash and Brow Tint $35
Add some color to your brows and eyelashes for 3-6 weeks

Lash Lift $95
A Lash Lift is a treatment that gives your lashes an illusion of perfectly curled lashes with added definition for 6-8 weeks

Brow Lamination $90-$110
 Brow lamination is a treatment that restructures and tames unruly brows to keep them in a desired shape for 6-8 weeks, add a brow wax for an additional $20.

Brow Lamination

Jeuveau for Crows Feet- $10 per unit
Jeuveau injections improve the look of moderate to severe crows feet around the eyes

Sublative Treatment of Eyes $250
Treats wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and skin laxity

Are you looking to fill the hollows under your eyes? 

Undereye Filler
Undereye Filler