Hands On Healing offers a wide variety of waxing services. Each service is done by our licensed and experienced Estheticians. We take sanitation very seriously and follow state regulations to protect our clients and our staff. Our Estheticians work with both soft and hard wax.

 We  use hard wax by ItalWax Natural-based Film Wax – White Chocolate – Hard Stripless Wax Beads.
Medium-dense wax with Titanium Dioxide and a light vanilla aroma.

Before & After Wax Session

  • You can take a pain reliever (Ibuprofen/Advil or Acetaminophen/Tylenol) 30-60 minutes before.
  • Mildly Exfoliate the day before, this will help remove more hair by removing dead skin cells around the hair.
  • If the hair is longer than 1/2 inch please trim with scissors or trimmer. (DO NOT TRIM TOO MUCH)
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Wait 48 hours to start exfoliating, exfoliation will help with in-grown hairs & should be done every 2-3 days
  • Avoid consuming alcohol, it can thin the blood and brings it closer to the surface.
  • No Running, Biking, Saunas, or Exercising for 24 hours after your wax session.
  • Be aware that certain skin products may cause irritation to areas that have just been waxed.
  • Avoid the sun & swimming for 24 hours. Use SPF when in the sun
  • Caffeine is a stimulant and can cause the process to be more painful.
  • You are more sensitive before your cycle.


  • Cheeks  $15
  • Chin $13
  • Ears $16
  • Eyebrows $25 (Waxing, Shaping, & Tweezing)
  • Brows & Upper Lip  $35
  • Upper Lip  $13
  • Sideburns  $15
  • Nose  $15
  • Full Face + Brows $64
  • Brow Trim & Tweeze No Wax $20

Save 5% on waxing services when booked in combination with other wax services.


  • Tummy Line $18 (Above Underwear Line)
  • Full Stomach $35
  • Upper Back  $34
  • Full Back  $70
  • Lower Back $25
  • Inner Thighs  $20
  • Upper Legs $52
  • Full Legs  $85
  • Lower Legs $50
  • Upper Arms ~ $30
  • Full Arms  $50
  • Lower Arms $25
  • Under Arms $25

Intimate Waxing for Women

Brazilian Wax ~ $68 Take it all or leave some, get all the hair between the cheeks and labia area.

Touch Up Brazilian ~ $40 (must be done within 21 days)

Maintenance Brazilian ~ $58 must be done within 3-5 weeks

Betweenie ~ $50 Bikini not enough, but not quite ready for a Brazilian? This wax gets a little more off the sides and the top does not include the labia area or between the cheeks. Extended Bikini.

Down Under Facial

NEW! The Down Under Facial~ $70 is a cleanse, exfoliation treatment, in-grown extractions, calming mask & moisturizer. 30 Minutes. Can be done same day as Brazilian or in-between.

Down Under Facial with Brightening Peel $70 30 minutes, includes the above, but is focused on Brightening.

  • Bikini Trim $10
  • Bikini Mask $20
  • Ingrown Hair Removal $15

Bikini Wax ~ $50 (2 Inches out from panty line & above panty line)

Touch Up Bikini ~ $30 (within 21 days of Bikini Wax done in our office)

Maintenance Bikini ~ $40 (Within 3-5 Weeks)

Full Butt Cheek Wax ~ $30 (Hair removal on the butt cheeks)

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