Did someone say serum?

When it comes to looking for a bang for your buck, look no further than the perfect serum. We frequently spend more money than we care to admit to get younger, clearer looking skin and we feel like the night cream is the golden ticket! The funny thing is, it’s the serum that really gets the job done with it’s syrup consistency and small molecules it penetrates deeper, stimulating change on a cellular level! SOOO what’s the deal with the night cream? Well not all is lost in that purchase! At night we lose a tremendous amount of water (TEWL transdermal water loss) and our night time cream protects us from evaporation of precious hydration as well as saving us from losing that expensive serum. You cleanse, add your serum and then apply eye cream and the night cream. Is your acne acting fussy? It’s time to use products appropriate for acne prone skin… This means gentle and YES hydrating. If you are acne prone and strip your skin, which you will feel tempted to do, you will find your skin over producing oil and increasing breakouts. Need some brightness in your life? You need a great brightening serum, some SPF and a lot of time. Brightening serums are preventative telling your melanocytes to calm down and not create so much pigmentation. Over time the pigment is exfoliated away and bright skin is revealed. Treatments like microderm, and rezenerate can speed up the process, as well as more intense treatments like the VI peel. Treatments account for 20% of the change while your home care counts for 80%! Think of us as your personal trainer for your skin, you have to do the homework to have flawless skin. The other day I realized lifting weights is like the serum it is the golden ticket to make changes to my body, the walking, sleeping, water intake are maintenance. Your cleanser, SPF, and night moisturizer are very necessary maintenance, but for real change it’s time for a serum.


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