It’s My First Massage!

It’s My First Massage

Come in your comfy clothes! If you forgot to shave your legs we probably won’t even notice. Your massage will be done on what we call a massage table dressed like a bed; you will lie between the sheets with a blanket on top to keep you warm. Your therapist will happily answer any questions you might have and address your concerns maybe neck tension or low back pain. You undress to your comfort level, therapist prefer you take your bra off ladies. It’s easier for us to do our job if your socks and shorts are off as well.

Body work is done with oil, lotion, or cream formulated especially for massage so that we can easily slide up and down muscles releasing stress, tension, and knots. In our office each treatment room has high grade grape seed oil, muscle comfort cream with arnica and chamomile, lotion with hints of sandalwood and lavender, foot balm with menthol and other ingredients that protect from foot fungus, while hydrating and increasing circulation, and facial oil that smells divine. This is your time to relax so enjoy, turn the cell phone off, take a deep breath and enjoy this escape. A typical massage consist of body work on the back, gluts/hips, legs, feet, arms, pecs, neck, face and scalp. Please request abdominal work and let us know if you want something avoided. In our office we include hot steam towels and aromatherapy with every session. It’s important that your massage session is nothing but bliss. It’s typical for your massage to be done in silence but you set the tone if you like to talk your therapist will talk too. Be sure to give us feedback about pressure, to deep or not enough. For many therapist bodywork is like art work, each therapist creates their own dance around the table in a series of techniques that guide and encourage the body to unwind. Massage is one of the original forms of healthcare, a natural medicine that heals body and soul through loving human touch. You should expect your session to be balanced, thorough, and rhythmic.

If for any reason this is not your experience give feedback during your session or after to your therapist, spa coordinator, or the owner. A great way to give feedback during your session is “that feels great I can’t wait to see what you do on my hips,” or “thank you for what you are doing would you mind if I give you some feedback?” This is your session so please feel comfortable, personally I hate to find I missed something after the session is done and I love compliments and prefer them at the end so I don’t lose focus by getting overly confident. The benefits of massage are profound and there are so many articles dedicated to this online, in magazines, and newspapers. Some of the major benefits are release of muscle tension, stress relief, increased circulation, increased range of motion, increased immunity, release of happy hormones in the brain like serotonin, increased flexibility, and decrease in pain. You should treat massage like a preventive care session and book monthly or as often as you can afford, we offer sessions that range from 30 minutes to 120 minutes and you can choose a wide variety of types including fun specialty spa massages that also addresses the beauty of the skin. Be sure to check out some of our specialty services like Reiki, Lymphatic, and CranioSacral. A general massage that everyone on our staff can perform includes or can be a mixture of deep tissue, sports, and Swedish. Remember you can customize your session by simply making requests during the consultation portion of your session. You can also create a spa getaway session by adding on acupuncture, a facial, or check out the Add-On Menu. Speak with one of our Spa Coordinators for further assistance.

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