Med Spa

Medical Evaluation $20

Micro-needling of the Face, Neck, & Chest $295

Micro-Needling for Just the Face $250

Dermaplaning $85

Treatment of Skin Irregularities $45-$135

Jeuveau Injections $12 a Unit

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Customer Review: I get Botox, once, maybe twice per year. I tried Hands On Healing nutox. (sp?) I went in on Thursday and these are my results on Saturday! Typically it takes at least a couple weeks to see results, and I have been doing this since I was 24! I am so super pleased with the ease and the fast results! I don’t even think these are the full results after three days! But I am super impressed. If I can post a photo here I will, but not sure I can. for reference, I am 38 Amazing results