Hands On Healing

Customer Reviews

I get Botox, once, maybe twice per year. I tried Hands On Healing nutox. (sp?) I went in on Thursday and these are my results on Saturday! Typically it takes at least a couple weeks to see results, and I have been doing this since I was 24! I am so super pleased with the ease and the fast results! I don’t even think these are the full results after three days! But I am super impressed. If I can post a photo here I will, but not sure I can. for reference, I am 38 Amazing results

I am including my own photos to show my results from the glycolic peel and Jeuveau. A peel can help tighten and brighten your skin and works great with injections. The injections help soften the look of the brows, bringing a more youthful feminine look back to your face. If you are tired of looking like you frown all the time or have 11 wrinkles stamped between your brows you will love this treatment.