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Depending on the strength of the peel you might experience light flaking of your skin, the chemical exfoliants work to remove dead skin cells, the acids loosen the bond between the cells and dissolve debris away. Peel ingredients sink into the skin targeting deeper layers than a physical exfoliant can reach. The benefit is smoother skin removing the dull, outer layer of dead skin cells. Post Peel home care helps lock in moisture to keep your skin looking smooth and soft. You may notice a more glowy and even complexion. The sun and age spots will look diminished leaving your skin bright and youthful. A peel primes the skin for the benefits of finishing products and makes extraction easier. AHA peels can stimulate collagen and elastin production, delivery of hydration help remoisturize helping to minimize fine lines. AHA & BHAs will leave pores smaller and cleaner. The dead skin cells, excess sebum & bacteria cling together and build up filling pores and causing them to expand. The acids break down the bonds and clear out the pores shrinking and refining them.

What Ingredients are in a Peel? Acids are the main active ingredient. Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids sourced from fruit and plants.

Light Peels are a great way to get started to see how your skin does. Your Esthetician can go over a treatment plan and customize a peel to fit your needs. It’s important to take into account any events or outings you have planned, as you progress some of our advanced peels can have a longer recovery time. For quicker results please check out our VI Peels. 

Peels are best done in a series every 2 weeks or once a month depending on the strength, for optimal results you need 6 to 4 sessions. It is best to do them through the fall and winter months and avoid sun exposure.

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