Spa with a Purpose

Spa with a Purpose!

I don’t know much about the non-spa world anymore and I often have to remind myself that not everyone lives in my world. For the last 17 years I have been a practicing massage therapist, for the last 9 years I have worked with clients doing hypnocoaching, and more recently I found my deepest truest passion in Aesthetics a really fun name to say with the basics of I do things most women wouldn’t. I extract pimples and try to keep everyone calm while doing a Brazilian, for those of you who don’t know that is very intimate and PAINFUL waxing all for the glitz and glam us women love to have for mostly our own self-esteem.

Most recently I have discovered that fluff does not secure a client and that most clients keep it simple when coming to our Spa, they typically book a deep tissue or signature massage. Facial clients lean towards customized facial because they say they don’t know what they want and hope we can decide for them…. This has all lead me to my work on rebranding my wonderful spa to services with a purpose! The services we offer have always been wonderful and served a purpose but in the past, we didn’t explain why!

Massage Therapy is one of the most healing things you can do with your time. The benefits are endless.

Stress causes damage and the number one thing a massage session can do for you is relieve stress. During our sessions, we use hydrotherapy applied with hot steam towels which creates a hot and cool stimulation increasing blood flow which flushes out toxins and decreases inflammation. Aromatherapy administered with true essential oils has a wonderful health benefit that can be scientifically proven, during our sessions we use Eucalyptus to create a healing state of mind and keep you breathing while face down, and then we apply Orange essential oil while face up which can help clients release happy endorphins and increase energy as we finish up the session sending you off feeling refreshed. We can always customize your aromatherapy experience.

Specialty Massages: Try a Hot Stone Massage which can be deeply grounding and incredibly relaxing as hot stones are used to loosen up tight sore muscle while connecting you with the Nature experience of real stones heated in water to the right temperature to warm you head to toe.

Try our Spa Massage the benefits are exfoliation of the Face and Feet removing dead skin cells and allowing deeper product penetration, you and your therapist can customize the service by choosing a mask that works on youthful rejuvenation, brightening of the skin, or acne clearing to the face. A mask that works to detox and moisturize the feet is also applied. Both areas receive extra care during a moisture application towards the end of the service. The wonderful part is this is all done while still receiving a full body massage, I would recommend booking the 90 minutes.

Our menu changes often as the seasons change and our products change. We are very innovative and creative always looking for new and better ways to bring the spa experience to our clients.

When it comes to facials you will now find our staff asking you a few more questions so we can truly customize your experience. Typically, facials specialize in one of three areas but can cover all three in a session. The most common skin concerns are Anti-Aging, Acne, or Age Spots. What I love most about our Skin Care Services is that I feel comfortable saying we offer SOO MUCH! We even work with extreme Acne Clients and have a skin care line and coaching services designed specifically for those hard cases when nothing else has worked.

I am proud to say we work with Osmosis Skin Care & Blinc for our Cosmetics designed to keep your skin & lashes Radiant, IMAGE our go to skin care line that is super results driven and has a great price point, Face Reality for Acne Clients, Rachel’s Plan Bee a local line that is 100% natural for all your body care needs, and most recently Eminence an Organic Skin Care line out of Hungary…. Look up any of these amazing companies and you will know why we work with them.

BODY SERVICES: More recently we have added body treatments as we now have a shower and a focus on SPA with a PURPOSE. The body treatments we offer are amazing all work towards helping you to detox, moisturize, and rejuvenate your body with anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.

All of the above is great but would be completely useless if I didn’t have an amazing team who loves working with clients and offering spa services. I am so grateful for them and always work towards matching clients with the right therapist for their needs!